Timing Maestro

This plugin will create key frames while you are drawing on the stage. Timing Maestro makes possible that you draw curves in order to get intuitive timings.

The director can draw the timing desired and give it to his animation team. The animator can experiment different timings while planning his animation. Also you can try different effects with the function Progressive Stroke.

This Plugin has a tool to work with. Learn how to work with tools.

Feature Video

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Orchestrating your Animation

Open the Plugin by clicking Window/Other Panels/[T] Timing Maestro.
Select the Wand, the Timing Maestro Tool.
Create an empty layer, go to first frame and start drawing on the stage.


Progressive Stroke

Enable this option and you'll be able to draw and keep your drawings throughout the timeline.

Progressive Stroke OFF:
Progressive Stroke ON:

Listening to a Sound While Drawing

The old Load Sound button is deprecated. Now all you need to do is to play your timeline (ENTER) and draw!

TIP: Prefer to use the sound in Stream mode. This way you can start drawing in the middle of the playing sound.

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